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Fever Dreams by miorats Fever Dreams by miorats
May topic Nightmares for childrensillustrator group
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Rebekki-chan Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Jasmine-Jean Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012   General Artist
wonderful, I adore this
evyheartway Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
fantastic ! :heart:
variations Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Professional
I always love your colors :heart:
GraySayell Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
outstanding :clap:
caesaraugustus Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
julia-b Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
i can imagine some kids looking at this and thinking it's a bit creepy, but i'd never call it unsuitable for children.
when i was little i had some books (and watched some tv shows) that i was scared of, because they were... odd. now i look back at them and think that's amazing. not just the pictures, the thing itself; but the fact that i used to think they were weird but i like them now. it's pretty interesting, i guess.
well, talking too much. i really like this illustration! amazing textures.
Oddweird Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful composition. Flows like water. ^__^
Binnus Featured By Owner May 30, 2012
I know that this month's topic is nightmares and this is certainly a very well executed piece, but I find it absolutely unsuitable for children. I find this piece very, very disturbing.
It is indeed nightmarish though.
cocinando-colores Featured By Owner May 30, 2012
oh, hello! i'll probably never show this to a 2 year old kid, but i can see it in a book for older ones. i own a book that collects several mayan stories, for kids 11-12 yo, and i assure you, it's FAR more disturbing...

by the age of twelve i had already read most of poe's short stories and even a few by h. p. lovecraft. i was also obsessed with gustave doré's illustrations of orlando furioso & bosch's paintings; one of my friends loved sci-fi stories and dream of ufos & other lived in a world of long haired princesses and barbies and hated all things remotely scary :shrug:

looking back, what a strange and weird little child i was :bucktooth:
Binnus Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
I don't know about the book with the Mayan stories you had, but Bosch's paintings and Poe's and Lovecraft's stories were not written especially for children.

There are many horrible things written in the Grimms' Fairy Tales, but I find the image of a naked little girl being held by a grown man with a beard around the neck, whose intestines are coming out and held by some strange creature that seems to be kneeling behind her.. and there's a skeletal hand reaching out to touch her.

For me this image suggests child rape with these distorted figures and their creepy faces and the bloody red intestines coming out..
Which is why I find this picture unsuitable for children even aged 11-12 or older.
miorats Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
This piece was never intended to allude to child rape.
It was however, created to invoke the feeling of the slow cerebral defenseless vulnerability you sometimes feel in dreams, this is emphisised with the murky sludgy molasses water around her knees and the yetti beastie holding her head.

It may be a little much for really young kids, but as a child I was one of those bookworms that read all the bloody Greek myths, Grimm fairytales and relished the stories of Edward Gorey.

My favorite pastime was to bury the dead critters I found in the woods. I may of been a little weird, but it was always reassuring when I found other people that saw beauty in the same things I did.
ImeonTheConjured Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
now that is what I call a nightmare!
cocinando-colores Featured By Owner May 30, 2012
absolutely wonderful! :heart:
Douwe-Dijkstra Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Student General Artist
love it :D
krausler Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WOW! Don't remember seeing something this raw and dark from you, but surely this is a great work! Loved the composition , the line work and specially how so much light tones make for a dark piece. Amazing!
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